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  Revolution money Exchange
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Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Fedup with Paypal fees?

Try RevolutionMoneyExchange
The only Online payment processor that is FDIC insured!!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

What is RevolutionMoneyExchange?

RevolutionMoneyExchange, simply put is a better way to send and receive money online. Launched in 2007, as a new payment network – RevolutionMoneyExchange – was created to deliver significant value to both consumers and merchants. RevolutionMoneyExchange offers an easy and secure way to send and receive money online between accountholders for free. The accounts are issued by First Bank & Trust, Brookings, SD, Member FDIC and part of the Fishback Financial Corporation. These products are leading the transformation of the payment industry by providing secure, easy, and instant payment solutions to everyone. Revolution Money is based in St. Petersburg, FL and is part of the family of companies within Revolution, LLC, which was founded by Steve Case to drive transformative change by shifting power to consumers. With series B venture capital funding from Citi, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Revolution LLC, and a world-class Board of Directors, Revolution Money has strong financial resources and leadership to compete and grow.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Why use RevolutionMoneyExchange?

Easily exchange money online. MoneyExchange is the new way to send and receive money online between MoneyExchange accountholders. It’s a great way to exchange money with friends, colleagues, or online sellers. Share restaurant, travel, or household expenses. It’s easy, secure and, best of all, it’s FREE to register and FREE to send and receive money between MoneyExchange accountholders. Secure transfers. With so many leading-edge security features built right in, security comes second nature to MoneyExchange. A PIN is required when you send money from your MoneyExchange account and transfers are processed safely and securely.

Best of all – it’s FREE!
FREE to register for an account
FREE to add money to your bank account
FREE to send money
FREE to receive money
FREE to request money
FREE to transfer money to your bank account
Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

RevolutionMoneyExchange - Board of Directors

Ted Leonsis, Chairman Vice Chairman, AOL; Owner, Washington Capitals
Steve Case Chairman, Revolution LLC; Co-Founder, AOL; Former Chairman, AOL Time Warner
David Golden CFO, Revolution LLC; Former Vice Chairman, J.P. Morgan
Russell E. Hogg Former President & CEO, MasterCard International, Inc.
David Pottruck Chairman, Eos Airlines; Former CEO, Charles Schwab
Frank Raines Former Chairman & CEO, Fannie Mae; Previously head of OMB
Larry Summers Former Secretary of Treasury; Former President, Harvard University
Jason Hogg Founder, President and CEO, Revolution Money
Patrick Graf Co-Founder and CTO, Revolution Money

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