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  Referral Contests
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Thank you for visiting Dadseidas News you can use.
Below you will find some great referral contests, some give cash for referrals others do not.
If you would like to join Team Dadseidas just click on any banners below and sign up.
Thank you for your continued support.

Get $1.00 250/2500/2500 when you sign up.
You must submit 2 URL’s, 2 Banners and 2 text
Then send in a support ticket, tell Rich Dadseidas sent you
Get up to $1.00 for every referral in August
• Team surfing for weekly cash prizes.
• Every member now receives .20 cents/1000.
• A reciprocal link page. Ever wondered how some sites climb up the Google rankings? Well its all about back-links and it is all free here.
• Custom Toolbar at bottom of site gives access to over 1200 games without having to leave the Traffic Exchange, as well as a language translator.
• Automatic daily surf rewards with no support ticket needed.
• Two separate personalization branding splash pages to choose from.
• Upgraded verification pages that give progressively higher prizes as you surf.
• Prize pages now at every 37 pages and always set at 67% chance of winning not 33% or 50% percent like most TE's.
• Tic Tac Toe Games with various prizes.
• Upgraded website checker that not only checks for Breakers and Redirects but also includes checking each site for any virus. Therefore, much safer for your computer.
• Weekly Lottery for credits. Every 50 credits will purchase one ticket into drawing.
• There will be 3 random winners each week for the Lottery and the breakdown is this 50%, 30%, & 20%.
• Choice of either Hover or Click surfing.
• Bonus Log-in Page
• Upgraded downline builder in which members can put up to 10 programs or TE's of their choice not picked out by ME. These will be YOUR CHOICE.
Are You Tired Of Getting Nothing In Return For All Your Efforts?
• Are You Tired Of Your Lousy Conversion Rates? Do You Even Know Your Conversion Rates?
• Don't You Wish That Someone Would Just Answer Some Of Your Questions Regarding Having Your Own Business!
• Well If You Answered Yes To Any Of Those Questions Then Superior Traffic Is Where You Belong!
• Why you may ask? Well Just Look At Some Of The Benefits Below That We Offer!
• Twitter page, where you can check out all information on regarding what ever topic chosen for the month as it streams in right from twitter.
• Free quality E-book each month for everyone based off of what ever topic comes up the most in the forum for that month.
• Pro members will also get an additional free E-book or software per month.
• The general forum is for all members for discussions regarding any questions you may have on any type of marketing issues as well as anything that can improve your business.
• We pay out up to 50% commissions.
• We also reward members for activity in our general forum- can win all the way up to free upgrades just for being active and taking the time to learn and discuss all topics covered.
• Game pages with 6 buttons every 37 pages on which a member can pick and can win credits, banners, texts, cash or any combination of them.
• Bribe page-depending on members level will offer different bribes for joining whatever opportunity that we actually use and feel would be useful.
• Link tracker and stats
• Powersurf for higher ratios of credits, but no cash surfing as that tends to bring in members who care nothing about learning and just clicking.
• Customized surf bar, that includes images, not only total pages surfed for session but also daily, date and server time.
• Site is built with learning and teaching the main focus, perfect for newbies or even semi experienced business owners.
• All members will be welcomed to my new membership site "Where Anyone Can Succeed" which will be launched over the summer.
• Live support when I am on, which is about 8-10 hours out of the day all random times.
I cannot say enough about this site, it is awesome in my opinion its in the top 10! Rich has equipped this with all the bells and whistle!

Free Members can surf for an Upgrade,
In-site calendar lists all future events,
Cash Prize pages all day.
Referral contest
20 cash prizes worth $400
1st $150
2nd $80
3rd $50
4th $25
5th $20
6th-10th $10.00 each
11th-20th $5.00 each
Get .20 cents per active referral from now until the end
The next 194/200 members that sign up Get a free 30 day upgrade.
The person who refers the most out of that 200 will win a lifetime upgrade!!
What are you waiting for now is the time to Join.

GPT Community is looking for a few great members

Referral Competition Until 2000 active Members!
More Than $155 In CA$H And Prizes!
1) $10 + 6months Platinum Upgrade
2) $5 + 6months Gold Upgrade
3) $1 + 3months Silver Upgrade
4) $1 + 3months Silver Upgrade
5) $1 + 3months Silver Upgrade
6) 1 Solo ad + 1000 Credits + 1000 Banners + 1000 Text Links
7) 1 solo ad + 500 Credits + 500 Banners + 500 Text Links
8) 500 credits + 500 Banners + 500 Text Links
9) 250 credits + 250 Banners + 250 Text Links
10) 150 credits + 150 Banners + 150 Text Links

HipHopClixs is looking for a few great members

CashPot referral contest
The CashPot starts at $10! For every 10 referrals $2 will be added to the CashPot.
Everytime someone upgrades during the contest 30% of what is earned is added to the CashPot, minimum $1.20.
The winner will be determined by whoever has the most points when we reach 100 members.
Now how do you earn points you ask?
each referral 1 point
10 referrals bonus 2 points
20 referrals bonus 3 points
Each 10 after 20 referrals you get 5 points
So 30 referrals would be 40 points (1/ referral) and 10 bonus points If someone in your downline upgrades you get 10 points. Please join me at HHC!

Proud Upgraded Member
NOTE: is now in PreLaunch! With a 5 Second Timer for Fast Easy Surfing!
Sign up Today and receive a Free Lifetime Standard Pro Account (A $120.00 Value) At
Which includes:
• Bonus Hits 800
• Surfing Ratio 1:1
• Max Urls 20
• SurfBar Type Single Button
• Monthly Banner Impressions 300
• Max Banners 20
• Monthly Text Impressions 300
• Max Tracker Links 10
This Offering Is Very Limited - Register For Free, drop Walter a support ticket and tell him Dadseidas sent you, With The Promo Code “Critical Mass"
• You Will Receive 1,000 Website Visits For Free
• You Will Receive 10,000 Banner Impressions For Free
• You Will Receive 10,000 Text Impressions For Free
Join Today As These Accounts Will Go Fast!
Referral contest It started July 1, 2010 and ends July 31, 2010.
We will pay: $25.00 1st place
$20.00 2nd place
$15.00 3rd place So promote often and tell all your friends to get their free lifetime standard pro upgrade.

Never Ending Referral Contest (August)
• 1st Place : $10.00 and 6 Month Yellow Pro Account
• 2nd Place : $7.50 6 Month Orange Pro Account
• 3rd Place : $5.00 6 Month Red Pro Account
Who is eligible and what to be aware of:
o All members are eligible to participate
o You must refer at least 10 members
o For new members to be counted, the new members must have surfed the required sites to be active and add at least one site into rotation.
o Please promote using ethical means and we do not tolerate spam.
o No Duplication of accounts, Proxy IP’s, Dynamic IP’s, VPN or Corporate IPs (only valid and legit IP per household).
o Anyone caught using spam or unethical means will run the risk of their accounts being suspended/terminated.
Winners are notefied by Email.

*****Introducing the "Race to 2000" Members*****
Grand Prize will be a Hitcrusher Super/1YR Upgrade plus $50
And 5ooo Banner Impressions a month for 1 year
And 5000 Text Impressions a month for 1 year
1st Prize - $15/5000/5000/5000
2nd Prize - $10/4000/4000/4000
3rd Prize - $5/3000/3000/3000
4th Prize - $3/2500/2500/2500
5th Prize - $1/1000/1000/1000
August 6, 2010 UPDATE
The Race within a Race is on again @ Hitcrusher...
The "Race to 1500" is on...$.50 cents for every referral until we reach 1500 members...
The Rules are simple:
* No Paid Sign Ups Allowed
* No Bogus Email Addresses
* You must have at least 1 site in rotation in order to qualify
*Your Referral(s) must have at least 1 site in rotation as well
*Every referrals credentials will be checked before prizes are rewarded
*Free 30 Pro Upgrade
*$2.99 Solo Emails
*200 Free Hits
*200 Free Banner Impressions
*200 Free Text Impressions
*Purchase Shares to earn 30% sites' Monthly Net Revenue
*Add Up to 10 Banners & 15 URL's
* Join Dadseidas and CRUSH the competition Signup now!

All active members get free Banner and Text impressions!
250 Credits Awarded Upon Validation
250 Credits Awarded for Every Referral
Splash rewards just for showing Uncle Speewhas splash pages on other Surf Exchanges
.50 Base Surf Ratio Progressive Surf Ratio The more you surf the more you earn Earn increased surf ratio for the next day!
Daily, weekly & monthly surf contests
Free members can promote up to 5 sites & 5 banners & 5 Text ads
Free members enjoy a 10 second surf timer!
Free Referrals, More Bonus Credits, Faster Surf Timer , More sites & even better surf ratio for Upgraded Members!
We have cash and credit paid e-mail and banners ads where it may be possible for members to earn cash and credits
Uncle Speewhas Surf Exchange pays .60c to upgraded members and 35c to free members for every fully confirmed referral.
All Members must have confirmed their account, surfed 50 sites and have at least one URL loaded
Everyday is a new Bonus Day at Uncle Speewhas Surf Exchange you could earn a little cash, extra credits or a free advertisment see members page for full details

Earn $0.25 per referral
and 10% to 25% commission on downline purchases

We are currently paying cash for each active member referred.
Bonuses are added monthly, and awarded based on member level:
New member Bonus
Grab a free $1 cash and 420 bonus credits by acting fast!
Surf at least 100 pages on your first day as a Trader,
and we will happily jumpstart your online biz with cash and credits! (all new members must have a website submitted to be eligible) These bonuses are limited - grab yours today!

Referral competition until we reach 1,500 members
1st Prize $30
2nd Prize $20
3rd Prize $10
4th - 6th Prizes 500 credits
Only active members to count but upgraded members get random referrals So why not upgrade now?

Summer Referral Bash for Cash
Contest Period: July 1,2010 through August 31,2010
Contest is simple, refer new members to ET and you can win!! Everyone has a chance to win. $500 in Prizes - Whoo!! Whoo!!
1st Place - $50 + 6-Month Supreme Upgrade + Combo (500/5000/5000) ($125)
2nd Place -$25 + Combo (3000/15000/20000) ($60)
3rd Place - Combo (3000/15000/20000) ($35)
4th Place - 3000 Credits + 5000 Banners ($24)
5th Place - 2500 Credits + 2500 Banners ($16)
6th - 10th Place - Combo (500/5000/5000) ($50)

And to ensure EVERYONE can win, ET is also awarding Random Weekly & Monthly Prizes
Weekly: (Total - $145) 1 x $5 1 x 500/2500/2500
1 x 7-day Pro Upgrade
2 x 5000 Banner & Text Ads
Monthly: (Total - $45)
2 x 1 Month Pro Upgrade in both July & August
Remember, NO paid sign ups or multiple member accounts, please.

Referral Contest
(Until we reach 700 Active Miners) .
1st Place ----- $75.00 and 20K Credits.
2nd Place ----- $50.00 and 15K Credits.
3rd Place ----- $35.00 and 10K Credits.
4th Place ----- $30.00 and 8K Credits.
5th Place ----- $25.00 and 6K Credits.
6th Place ----- $20.00 and 5K Credits.
7th Place ----- 1 month Diamond Upgrade and 3000 credits.
8th Place ----- 1 month Emerald Upgrade and 3000 credits.
9th Place ----- $5.00 and 2000 Credits.
10th Place ---- $5.00 and 2000 Credits.
Active Referral Bonus.
0.10 Free Members sign-up.
0.50 Upgraded Members sign-up.
(Must have 5 ACTIVE Referral to qualify for Prize winnings) .
*** Referrals must be active and surf at least 1000 pages with one website in rotation***.
***Do to cheaters there will be NO more Hotmail or Yahoo email Addresses*** .
***To stop all the Cheaters from trying to mask Duplicate accounts ONLY Gmail email addresses will be aloud***.

HitsImpossible - Who Says Results Are Impossible
Referral Contest
Winner designated by the most new referrals from 2010-05-19 and finishes 2011-03-15
1st - $100
2nd - $50
3rd - $25
4th - $15
5th - $10

Cash Referral Contest $440.00 to be won
First Prize $200.00
Second Prize $100.00
Third Prize $50.00
Fourth Prize $25.00
Fifth Prize $20.00
6 Prize $15.00
7 Prize $10.00
8 Prize $8.00
9 Prize $7.00
10 Prize $5.00
BE ADVISED: * Payments are only done with Paypal, if you win and you have no Paypal account you can convert the cash into credits.

The Rewards
1st Place $50.00
2nd Place $30.00
3rd Place $20.00
4th Place - 6th Place 500 Surf Banner and Text credits
The contest will last until the end of July 2010 And we must have reached 2000 Members
If we fail to reach 2000 Members by the end of July The contest will roll over to the end off the next Month And will keep rolling over until end of the next month Until we have passed the 2000 members mark

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